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Daily Nugz for Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Aaah, my first Nugz in August, 2009. These Nugz are warmed up like Biscuits. Yeah, dance biscuits.

(1) We start here: redshirt sophomore WR Kyle Moore is transferring to Siber, er, North Dakota to play for whatever they are allowed to be called by the NCAA now that Ralph Engelsted has passed away.

I'm not sure this is too important to the depth chart. Buck Bravo had a pretty comprehensive list here of the contenders for wide receiver playing time - Moore was nowhere to be found. The only thing I find that could possibly be problematic: Moore went to Cretin Derham in high school. So did John Nance, who also transferred this off-season. Followers of football recruiting know that, when you're trying to exploit a "home town edge," kids from your high school transferring away could hinder the recruitment of this guy.

(2) Behind the Scout paywall is this article predicting where some of the top 2010 uncommitted folks will play. As of July 31, Scout predicts Seantrel will sign for Florida.

(3) The more I read articles like this, (and I love how the coaches pretend they aren't in contact with the players before camp. Right.) it sounds to me that the Gophers will be helping Greg Paulus get his face acquainted with the Carrier Dome turf as the Orangepeoples' starting QB on September 5th.

(4) Scratch the Motor City Bowl. Enter......the Little Caesar's Pizza! Pizza! Bowl. Now, a new Little Caesar's opened up near my house in Falcon Heights (near Key's Cafe on Lexington at Larpenteur in Falcon Heights, if you're wondering) and this is a good thing for my wallet, not so my waistline. And I really can't wait for the Crazy Bread Trophy to be awarded to Central Michigan in December when they beat Wisconsin.

(5) It's also worth mentioning here that Gophers QB Adam Weber is on the Davey O'Brien Award watch-list for best college quarterback. 33 quarterbacks are on the list, including.....Aaron Corp of USC (ZERO games in college thus far)? Ryan Mallett of Arkansas (11 games at Michigan in 2007)? Jordan Jefferson (2 1/2 games at LSU)? Jarrett Brown of West Virginia (Pat White's towel boy the past 2 years)? Really? Ricky Stanzi is NOT on the list?

For what it's worth, my prediction: Tim Tebow will win every award he's eligible for this year in the mainstream media's quest (and let's not forget they are the ones voting too) to create the best college football player of all time. Let's not forget, though, that if Tebow doesn't win the Heisman and national title this year, his college career will be comparable to that of Matt Leinart's, of whom noone claims GOAT status.

And.......who do you predict will win the Davey O'Brien Award? Fire away.....