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Golden Nuggz 8.5.2009

  • There's a new dance craze sweeping the nation, and it's called The Tim Tebow Song:

  • Speaking of Florida, head coach Urban Meyer just received a well-deserved contract extension for the next six years.  Don't expect him to jump ship for Notre Dame any time soon.
  • Adam Rittenberg of ESPN's Big Ten Blog predicts that the Gophers have the Big Ten's 10th best running back corps, and makes the following observation:
  • Tim Brewster wants to make Minnesota a running back's haven again, and he made several moves to transform the offense, including hiring coordinator Jedd Fisch and line coach Tim Davis. I like Brewster's plan, but it might be a little ambitious to expect major results this season. Duane Bennett's return from a torn ACL should boost Minnesota, and the Gophers boast good depth with DeLeon Eskridge and Kevin Whaley, who performed well in the spring game.

  •  The blog Every Day Should Be Saturday features a comical article regarding commissioner Jim Delany of the Big Ten and his following comment:
  • "In any particular time frame, could be three years, could be five years, could be two years, you could get your ass kicked, OK?" Delany continued. "It can happen. We're not playing Little Sisters of the Poor. We're playing the best football teams in their region. So were we 1-6 (in bowl games) last year? Yeah. Were we 0-6 in the BCS in the last (three years)? We were. Those are the facts. But take me from 2000 or 1997 to 2005; I remember when Michigan played Ohio State [in 2006]. We were the toast of the town, one versus two, game of the century."

  • Myron Medcalf comments regarding Trever Mbakwe's recent arrest:
  • I've spoken with multiple Gophers coaches. They believe that their guy isn't involved. They're very hopeful but also realistic about the possibility that things could go the other way, even as they support Mbakwe. I think we'll know soon what really happened that night and whether Mbakwe was involved. He has an Aug. 26 court date in Miami. I've spoken with multiple people connected to Mbakwe, and I can tell you that there are those who believe he's 100 percent innocent and those who believe he may be involved. Regardless, it's up to the justice system now.

  •  Fortunately for Gopher Hockey, three local stars will play for Minnesota in the future. Travis Boyd, Connor Reilly, and Ryan Reilly will all wear maroon and gold.