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Golden Nugz 8.06.09

I know we are just days from football but I am REALLY excited for basketball too.  This from UM Hoops and The Only Colors gives us a look at just how good the Gopher hoops team is going to be!  (I am really excited about the basketball team).

I love that we are returning of ton of minutes, poinst scored, rebounds rebounded and games won.  PLUS we are adding a top 15 recruiting class. 


Minnesota ranks in the top two in 7 of 8 categories, and they return over 85% of their production in every category. With a monster freshmen class headed to the Twin Cities there is plenty to be excited about. Minnesota was the 2nd best rebounding team in the conference, they return the most rebounding, and Trevor Mbakwe and Royce White should only make things better.

Trevor Mbwake and Royce White give us more teeth inside and Rodney Williams gives us additional athleticism on the perimeter.  Then assume the sophomors take a step and then you have the experience (and talent) of guys like Nolen, Johnson, Westbrook and Hoffarber.  This team can be really good, if only they had a coach. 

The Only Colors looks at things a little differently, but still predicts we will finish third in the Big Ten.  Note, I'll be pretty happy if we finish third in a league that is returning the vast majority of their stars and starters.