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Golden Nuggz 8.7.2009


  • An Ohio State reporter lists Tim Brewster as the 4th best coach in the Big Ten behind Tressel, Dantonio, and Paterno:
  • From 1-11 to 7-6 in one year speaks volumes. He is recruiting really well, and smartly. Bringing in all those JUCO players to jump start the program was a great idea. His offense looks like it could be as dynamic as any on the conference.

  • A Big Ten blog discusses the weak spots of each team in the conference.  Strength of schedule and adjusting to the new stadium are listed as concerns:
  • The Golden Gophers will be proud to open the new TCF Bank Stadium, but don't be surprised if there will be adjustments playing outdoors in the cold as opposed to indoors on the turf. On top of that, Minnesota has one of the toughest schedules in the country (#5 according to Phil Steele), which is an even bigger roadblock. Included in the list of opponents are Cal and Air Force as non-conference foes, plus back-to-back road games against Penn State and Ohio State.

  • So far, three bars near TCF Bank Stadium have requested permission to sell alcohol outside of their establishments on game days.  Preliminary reports are that the variance requests will be passed.
  • The Star Tribune ran an article regarding Florida's start to preseason camp.  YES, Florida may be the reigning national champions.  But NO, there probably aren't very many Florida graduates reading the Star Tribune who have ever even been to a game at "The Swamp."
  • And YES, maybe only if you play for Florida can you be in a bar fight and run from the police, be Tasered, be arrested, and still be allowed to show up to preseason practice without worry:
  • Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins says he's learned his lesson after being Tasered and arrested in May following a downtown fight.