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Golden Nugz for Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yikes, we're under 3 days until proper college football starts.

Oh, and by the way, if you're looking for journalism which makes unfounded allegations based on anonymous sources, which are completely refuted by a compliance department and the players' own words and deeds, you've come to the wrong place. If you want the real non-story about Michigan practice schedules, follow it here.

On to Nugz:

(1) Uhhhh.....Erin Andrews re-appears this Thursday at the South Carolina - North Carolina State game. She also sits on Oprah's couch for an interview to be televised September 11th.

(2) Here's some news about Cal: Coach Tedford talked about their depth chart on Saturday night, and Kirk Herbstreit likes him some Bears: namely, he thinks Jahvid Best is the nation's best RB, SydQuan Thompson is the nation's #2 corner and #4 kick/punt returner. Brother me. That return ranking doesn't scare me - our team practices against Troy Stoudermire for crying out loud.

(3) Iowa's depth chart is out. I'm sorry - I'll never get comfortable calling a guy Paki. Never. If Jewel Hampton has to redshirt, I will knock Iowa down 3 pegs in my Big Ten predictions. And why is Johnson - Koulianos doing as a backup? What the heck is Kirk Ferentz doing?

(4) I plan on getting one of these tomorrow at the Fair. It's hideous.

(5) Hey - another Gopher fan, who blogs! This is a great article about being a fan in the midwest. I can relate. Since I'm a football fan. In the Midwest.