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Golden Nugz 9.10.09

First of all, have you checked out SBN's new homepage?  There are some pretty cool new features and  you should check it out.

Secondly, did you hear this?  Gopher incoming kicker, Kip Smith, kicked a 67 yard FG last week.  Due to some odd Colorado high school rules, he was able to tee the ball up from their own 43 and Smith nailed it (with room to spare).  Impressive leg for the incoming Gopher.

  • Football is just kicking into high gear, TCF is days away from opening it's doors and I'm still super excited for Gopher basketball.  On they are continuing their Q&A's with the incoming basketball players.  This installment is with Justin Cobbs.
  • In other hoops news, Trevor Mbakwe's situation has been in the news lately. Mbakwe is enrolled and Maturi is allowing him to take part in team activities.  His status for the season is still uncertain but he can practice and work out for now.
  • Here is a little review of Air Force's narrow escape total domination over Nicholl's State.  I love the reference to carpet bombing in the title.  
  • Marcus gets to the heart of what could very well dominate the offseason conversation.  Is TBrew the long-term answer for the Gophers?  I believe in the short term, he has done a great job jump-starting the program with a focus on recruiting that we have never seen.  An average season and it will be a conversation, a below .500 year and get ready to defend him or call for his head cause there won't be a third party.
  • The NY Times has determined that Paulus is not a flop, interesting because the guy made a living flopping.
  • The Star Tribune says Saturday's strategy was sound