5 Quick Hits from the Air Force - Minnesota Game

It was a great spectacle at TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday night. Even hearing something as corny as, "That's six points in the Bank" was welcome, the falcons and bald eagle were a sight, the flyover was awesome and surprising, and thankfully, no politicians tried to upstage the evening.

Yes, the Gophers won. Others on this site will undoubtedly look at good from the game, and rightfully so - the D was largely good, Campbell and Triplett are awesome, and Decker performed yet again. However, here are the five points I took away from the game:

(1) This offense is boring. Jedd Fisch calls the game like an NFL coordinator - close to the vest, don't actually get creative until you have to. The first half was almost unwatchable as an offensive spectacle.

(2) Last year, Asher Clark was Air Force's QB. Last night he was the guy unguarded on the sweep play. Be honest - Air Force shredded Minnesota on the ground, and that ought to make Gopher fans very nervous, because:

(3) Jahvid Best, Mike Kafka, John Clay, Robert Bolden, Evan Royster, and Terrelle Pryor are next on the schedule.

(4) Adam Weber is going to get Eric Decker killed in the Big Ten season. HE HAS GOT TO STOP THROWING TO HIM ALL THE TIME. Worst indication of this: Hayo Carpenter came in in the second quarter and BLOCKED FOR DECKER ON A SCREEN PLAY. Anyone else see something wrong with this? There is no way teams with solid secondaries, such as NU, UW, OSU, PSU and Iowa are going to let Decker beat them, so it's imperative to develop Stoudermire, Green and Carpenter more than we are.


(5) I don't give one lick how good Ryan Collado is in run support - GET COLLADO OFF THE FIELD. HE CANNOT GUARD A PASS ROUTE TO SAVE HIS LIFE.

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