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Golden Nugz 9.14.09

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Click here to see my album of photos taken at the Air Force game.

It is just about time to start looking ahead to Cal.  But first here are a handful of post game links.

  • The player of the game, national player of the week and highlight grabber was Triplett, Triplett, Triplett.  I've seen it in both papers where they refer to Triplett as a former walk-on.  That is not true, he was offered a scholarship out of high school and said those exact words in his post-game press conference.
  • Denver Post has a good list of notes from the post game AFA locker room.  The big 3rd and 25 pass to Tow-Arnett was a momentum killer for the AFA defense and obviously the Triplett fumble-rumble was the momentum killer for the AFA offense.  Huge plays.
  • Another Denver Post post-game wrap up.
  • 2-0 but still a work in progress.
  • ESPN's Adam Rittenberg acknowledges the Gopher defensive effort in the AFA win.

How about looking ahead to Cal?