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Golden Nugz for Tuesday, September 15, 2009

(1) Let's start with the most recent AP ballot of Doug Lesmerises, of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. My vision may be wrong, but this guy has Houston ranked above Florida, has BYU ranked #3, Michigan ranked #6 (even I think that's 19 places too high right now), Miami (FL) and UCLA at #11 and #12, and Ohio State at #25. Brother me. This is evidence that all polls should be eliminated.

(2) Congratulations to the Gopher womens volleyball team, which is ranked #9. If you're in Denver this weekend, go see them play Oregon Friday, and Georgia Tech and Denver on Saturday.

(3) A great article from Youngblood at the Strib about the Gopher linebackers, who will be key for a victory this weekend against Cal.

(4) Here's a nice place to start to learn some about Cal. You'll see #3's link liberally quoted, as well as more information about Cal's demolition of Eastern Washington, or Western Eashington, last Saturday.

(5) Hat tip to Play 4, but the Barber brothers were both successful in scoring TDs this past Sunday. Marion scores TDs on a regular basis for the Cowboys and Dom was able to house a fumble for the Texans as well. Not very often you see that, congratulations to the Barbers.

(6) And, finally, I hope to God Rivalry, Esq. isn't right about the Gophers, literally, selling out last Saturday.