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Golden Bears vs. Golden Gophers - OPEN THREAD

After today we'll get to keep the Golden prefix and it will just be the Cal Bears!

Here are a few quick key matchups from my perspective.

  • Minnesota DEs vs. Jahvid Best - I love our DTs and our LBs, but today we will find out how good our DEs are at containing the run. Best is one of the best and we need to keep him contained to minimize the play-action.
  • Syd'Quan Thompson vs. Eric Decker - This will be a lot of fun to watch and should tell us something about Decker and his chances at the next level. Decker does have a 6 inch height advantage but we'll see if he uses that to his advantage.
  • Adam Weber + Jedd Fisch = early and consistent offensive success - Can't take three quarters to get things going and I don't want to see them abandon the collection of creative plays when one goes bad.

Enjoy this game, Gopher fans, it isn't very often you get a top 10 team in your house. Beautiful day for FB, Go Gophers!!