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Golden Nugz for Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alright, Tuesday already after the Cal game. In case you missed it, GN posted immediately in the aftermath of the game, BB had a nice writeup about the ramifications of the Cal game, GN also posted about two shiny new commits to Coach Brewster's 2010 class, and I hit on some points I found pertinent after the game.

Also, look tomorrow for my Big Ten Roundup and JGBig 11 rankings, and Thursday, I'm publishing an in-depth analysis of RT Jeff Wills's performance during the Cal game, which may explain to many Gopher fans why the Minnesota offense is so bland this year.


(1) If this doesn't say volumes about the female population in Iowa, I don't know what does.

(2) Here's The Rivalry, Esq.'s take of Adam Weber's performance against Cal. It isn't too pretty.

(3) I know we don't run the spread anymore, but here's Rich Rodriguez and a whiteboard talking about it. If you want to learn from someone on the spread running game, this is the guy. He's taken Lloyd Carr's offensive linemen, and improved Michigan's running game from #66 in 2008 to #3 so far in 2009.

(4) Winter sports will be starting up in the next few months. Get some basketball tickets to see Tubby's crew, NOW.

(5) Doesn't it make you feel good to read a post like this from your upcoming opponent, Northwestern, only to realize that Northwestern's strengths this year (specifically passing) will likely pick on our defense's downfall (um, COLLADO), that Northwestern scored 34 in a building where we scored 23, where we only have averaged 21.66 points so far in 2009, and Northwestern will likely treat this as a must-win game while we have Wisconsin waiting on October 3rd? Hmmm, now I don't know what I think about Saturday.