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Daily Nuggz 9.25.2009

Golden Gopher Football Blog has a new podcast available to preview the Northwestern game at this link.  Their podcasts are always well planned and informative.  There is also a detailed anaysis of the Gopher offense at this link.

A Northwestern blog previews the Gopher matchup:

Offense is a loose term - basically, this unit should be called "Eric Decker and some other people".

First and Big Ten discusses a simple defensive strategy for containing the Minnesota offense: STOP ERIC DECKER.

Marcus Fuller has a feature story on Keanon Cooper and D.L. Wilhite from the 2008 recruiting class.  Both should become known names to Gopher fans in coming years, and maybe even weeks.  Additionally, Fuller notes that Derrick Onwuachi is back practicing with the first team.

Last year, Ben Kuznia was a starting wide receiver for the Gophers.  As a senior, he hasn't seen as much playing time due to the maturation of Brandon Green and the addition of Junior College transfer Hayo Carpenter.  The West Central Tribune has a feature article on Kuznia and his perspective on his decreased playing time:

"I'm just going to keep working hard and hope my chance comes again," said Kuznia after the California game on Saturday in Minneapolis. "Sure, it's frustrating. Everyone wants to play. Especially in your senior year. But I'll do whatever I can to help the team win."

From the Barn has a feature article on incoming freshman Justin Cobbs for the Gopher basketball team. 

The excitement surrounding Cobbs involves both what he can do as a player and what his presence will allow the team to do. First, as a player Cobbs is good. His high school statistics showcase his versatility, and place him somewhere in the category of a point guard Damian Johnson. Cobbs also has a decent jump shot and can get to the basket. As we all saw last year, a point guard must do both to succeed in the Big Ten.

Memphis Roar discusses new Gopher basketball commit Austin Hollins, and considers him to be a hidden gem of the recruiting class:

"I just committed tonight to the University of Minnesota," Hollins said. "I had three great schools that were recruiting me but when I went up there I felt like that's where I was supposed to be. I just felt at peace, and I am just excited about it."