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Daily Nuggz 9.30.2009

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Want tickets for this weeks' game versus Wisconsin?  Be prepared to pay.  At, be prepared to pay between about $140 and $500 for a seat.

Ben Ramsden of the Pioneer Press discusses the high demand for tickets to the Wisconsin game at this link:

So for all you Wisconsin fans, get ready to fork over some big bucks to help our local economy. In fact, with the Vikings-Packers Monday night game, Wisconsin fans might have to make a choice on what game they want to attend. Thanks to Brett Favre.

First and Big Ten discusses the new look Badgers, and their new quarterback Scott Tolzien.  Tolzien is quietly becoming one of the top quarterbacks in the Big Ten:

Leading the way is quarterback Scott Tolzien. The junior is smart, accurate and rarely makes mistakes. His field vision is possibly the best in the Big Ten and he always seems to know exactly where to throw the ball.

Meanwhile, Chicago Sports Then and Now predicts a Minnesota win:

Finally the Wisconsin Badgers are packing their bags and leaving Camp Randall to visit their neighbors across the River in Minneapolis. It will not be a pleasant trip. Reality awaits them as the Gophers prepare to advance their season by gifting the Badgers their first defeat. True, the Badgers have a perfect season to date. But they have survived on luck, turnovers and a soft schedule. That will end next Saturday. Look for the Gophers to win this one at home.

The Wisconsin Sports Blog discusses the success of, once again, Scott Tolzien.  Also, the success of receiver Nick Toon is mentioned as a key to Tolzien's success:

The Badgers conversion to a pass-first offense has been remarkable this fall. Scott Tolzien is the surprise player of the early Big Ten season, displaying poise and accuracy not seen in a Badger signal caller since...since... since...Randy Wright? Then again, Wright had Al Toon to throw to and Tolzien has his son Nick, so maybe the explosion in the passing attack has as much to do with the Toons as it does with the quarterback play.

The Star Tribune has a feature article on Kim Royston and his upcoming matchup with his former team:

"That day is coming up soon. It's going to be a crazy atmosphere, a crazy experience for me. I came into school with a lot of the guys I played against. I have fond relationships [with them]. But, once we get on the field, it's football time."

Anthony Jacobs and Ray Henderson are preparing to fill in for Cedric McKinely.

Minnesota is currently favored by 3 points to win the game.

Jeff Around at Golden Gopher Football Blog has an article discussing Wisconsin and their fans at this link:

State Formal Dress Code: TUCKED IN flannel shirt, blue jeans, and your cleanest Packer, Badger, or NASCAR hat