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CBS Blog Poll

Blog Poll, this was submitted late so this is the first draft and final version for this week.  After this past weekend and after winning the award for most boring ballot last week, I shook things up a little bit.  I'm sure I am missing something so please use the comments to tell me how crazy this ballot is (or isn't).  At the very least I can make the changes next week.

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
4 Cincinnati
6 Iowa
7 Virginia Tech
8 Boise State
9 Southern Cal
10 Ohio State
11 Penn State
12 Oklahoma
13 TCU
14 Georgia
15 Mississippi
16 Oklahoma State
17 California
18 Nebraska
19 Miami (Florida)
20 Michigan
21 Missouri
22 Notre Dame
23 Houston
24 Kansas
25 Georgia Tech


the end.