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Gophers open the season at Syracuse and in a dome - OFFICIAL GAME THREAD

After months of waking up in cold sweats thinking about that 55-0 loss and the finish to the 2008 season we finally get a chance to put it all behind us. The Gophers head to Syracuse to take on the Orange with Greg Paulus under center.

A few players on the other team to keep an eye on.

#2 - Greg Paulus - QB - You've heard a ton about him already. He was a great high school QB who has one year of eligibility and is using it to play one season for the Orange. The general consensus among Gopher fans is that it will take time for him to adjust to the speed of the college game. Even if he turns out to be very good this season, let's hope he takes a game to adjust.

#1 - Mike Williams - WR - did not play last year but had a monster 2007 season with 60 catches and 10 touchdowns. How we defend Williams will be a key to stopping the Syracuse offense.

#97 - Arthur Jones - DT - potential All-American who should be a great test for our revamped and hopefully improved offensive line. My eyes will be on Jones on most pass plays to see if we can keep him off Weber.

Looking forward to putting 2008 in the past and moving on to a great 2009 season!