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Golden Nuggz 9.9.2009

  • Minnesota is currently favored over Air Force by 4.5 points by the Vegas gurus.  After defeating Nicholls State by a score of 72-0, I'd expect Air Force to be the favorite.  However, the handicappers keep their jobs because they're good at what they do.
  • Meanwhile, predicts a 34-27 Air Force victory.
  • The Gophers have added Middle Tennessee and Northern Illinois to their 2010 non-conference schedule.
  • A Syracuse blogger comments on Greg Paulus following last week's game:
  • Sometimes a team needs a leader that knows how to win, who has experienced what that feels like. In addition, at Duke, he was coached by one of the best coaches in sports, Mike Krzyzewski. You can't be a 3-year starter for Duke without being a competitor and you can't be a successful point guard without being a leader.

  • Joe Paterno compliments the Minnesota program in discussing his upcoming battle with Syracuse:
  • Minnesota has got a lot of people back. Minnesota is a solid football team. And for them to have played the way they did and come within one play of beating Minnesota I think was a tribute to, as I said, the staff and the fact that here's a kid who hasn't played football for three or four years - I don't know how long it is - come in there and take over that team, and even though they had a lot of problems early in the game, kept them in it and almost won. So I think they're on their way back. I don't think there's any question about that. They got the right combination up there now.