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Daily Nugs 1.15.2010: The Tennessee One Year Stand

Apparently Norm Chow has rejected an offer to join Lane Kiffin's staff:

Chow heard Kiffin say at his Press Conference that Kiffin plans on calling plays for the trojans this season, and Chow didn't want to go to sc without play-calling responsibilities. Other sources say that Chow just despises Kiffin, and was always dead-set against going back.

The Daily Trojan claims that Kiffin was the best choice for the future of the program:

Hiring Kiffin provides the Trojans with a perfect mix. He is enough of a link to the Carroll era to instill continued confidence in the program from the start, but he's still his own coach with the drive to succeed.

Other reports claim that new Kiffin staff member Ed Orgeron is already breaking some rules at USC, as he often did in Tennessee:

"He didn't think it was very cool," Jeff Bray said of his son's reaction to the presentation. "You're in the middle of all this turmoil and they're trying to pull players. . . . My understanding was a lot of [the players] got very angry and voiced their anger on the phone."