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Gophers at Indiana Hoosiers - OPEN THREAD

While this isn't a "must-win", I believe that this is another "can't-lose" game for the Gophers. A win does nothing for our resume, but a loss would stick out like a sore thumb. Need to get as many road wins as possible and when facing one of the two worst teams in the league this is a road game that has to be a W.


Statistically this game is a slam dunk. After talking with Scott over at CrimsonCast, I'm curious what is going to happen when/if the Hoosiers go to a zone. Scott tells me the Hoosiers give up looks when they go to a zone but the Gopher offense goes into a coma when they see a zone. I think ultimately we'll get plenty of open looks (against man or zone) and we'll score a lot of points, winning by 14.