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Golden Nugz 1.18.09

Unfortunately for Gopher fans, the Vikings domination over the Cowboys was tempered by a VERY disappointing loss at Indiana. After getting out-rebounded by 12 and GIVING UP 20 OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS!!, we were fortunate that the game was close and it went into overtime. We didn't force turnovers that became points, we didn't rebound and we couldn't run a half-court offense to save our lives. Anyone want to tell me that this team is different than last year's? Anyone want to tell me that the sophomore class has even moderately improved? I still think this is a good team and the way they play defense is a lot of fun to watch if you appreciate that sort of thing. But this loss is frustrating and unless we get a win (or two) that we shouldn't, you should expect to see us on the bubble.

Michigan State comes to the Barn later this week, a chance at redemption.

  • At least Gopher hockey had a nice weekend. A tie on Friday and a big win on Saturday over #4 North Dakota.
  • Look out for Northwestern. I'm not sure if you guys remember but last year we struggled mightily against that 1-3-1 defense. We better get our, pardon my language...rear in gear, or we'll get rolled by the Wildcats.
  • A nice SBN feature on the future of college hoops.
  • Give 'Em Hell Goldy blog remembers Miles Tarver. I hated that guy, he was terrible. :) Every game broadcast they'd talk about how he dominated practices and was a scoring machine. But in the 40 minutes that mattered he was known for defensive and hustle.
  • The next great Minnesota high school basketball product. He's just an 8th grader but Tyus Jones is Apple Valley's starting PG and I'm sure you'll hear a LOT more about this kid in the next few years.