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Daily Nugs 1.19.2010

Dr. Saturday counts down the 2009 football season's most surreal moments at this link.

Indiana blog Inside the Hall reviews the Hoosiers' victory over the Gopher basketball team. The author speculates that this win could be a turning point for their young team:

There are plenty of things this young Hoosiers team has yet to master, yet to grasp, yet to learn. And so far this season - and especially as of late in losses to Illinois and Michigan - one of their Achilles Heels has been finishing out the close game and winning. But If IU can replicate the effort and performance we've now seen in three Big Ten home games the rest of the way, and take the next step as they did today by rallying back in the OT frame, maybe this afternoon's game is one we can point to say this is where they figured it out.

If you think the Gopher basketball team will bounce back in a big way, the betting odds are currently at 100 to 1 for them to win the NCAA tournament.

A Seattle Seahawks blog already lists Jedd Fisch as their Quarterbacks Coach. I'm writing this article at 9pm Monday night, so things may have changed by morning...

Black Heart Gold Pants has a feature article on Shonn Greene at this link. I like to fan the flames of the Iowa rivalry whenever possible, but I'll admit I was wrong about Shonn Green. My assessment heading into this season was that he was a running back who would be very average in the NFL, and that his lofty stats last year were mainly due to a great Iowa offensive line. After watching Greene in action on Sunday, he definitely has the breakaway speed that I thought he lacked. Check out the linked article for a video of a great run.

Eleven Warriors discusses Minnesota's own Seantrel Henderson in comic book fashion at this link.