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Daily Nugz - Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More bad news from Haiti, as they got hit again within the past 3 hours. Seriously, if you can, look here and choose a link within that article to contribute in some way. The country was already the poorest in the Western Hemisphere before these natural disasters took place. Starting over will take the country decades.

Obviously the big news (well, relatively speaking for us as Gopher fans) is the impending departure of offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch. You might remember this morsel from Coach Brew last Thursday, to Sid:

Gophers football coach Tim Brewster said rumors that have offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch going to either the Bears or Redskins and offensive line coach Tim Davis joining Lane Kiffin at Southern California are not true. Brewster said for the first time since he got here in 2007, he will have the same coordinators and other assistant coaches in back-to-back seasons. However, West Coast reports have Davis joining Kiffin in USC as his offensive line coach.

Well, technically, he's right, since Fisch is probably going to Seattle, but that promised stability lasted all of about 6 days. Now comes news that two other recruits, CB Allen Veazie and OT Josh Allen have backed off their commitments (or were told to leave), and WR Chris Hawkins is visiting TCU and we know what happens when Gopher commits go to TCU (Josh Huff). This all is juxtaposed by Maturi's laughable assertion that Brewster's contract extension will be complete this year to form a sense of normalcy and stability.

I'm not really sure what else to say about the team. Lane Kiffin and his psycho recruiting, as well as his genius father on defense, have pretty much taken away any chance of a program changing upset next fall for the Gophers (they're probably taking Seantrel away as well). The Gophers, outside of 3-4 high quality recruits, are picking up kids with marginal offer lists. An insane number of players, upwards of 10, have de-committed (which makes you wonder about Brewster's recruiting practices and the pressure he puts on kids to commit.) The coordinator positions are revolving doors. Adam Weber will be playing for his fourth coordinator in five years this fall. Brewster's bravado and bluster, combined with the crap on the field, endangers the Gophers of having interest in their program revert to pre-TCF levels by the end of 2010. And 2010's schedule isn't going to help things - the ceiling on wins next year looks to me like it's 5 (South Dakota, Northern Illinois, Purdue, Illinois, Sparty) and that might be generous.

As a final issue, look at Metrodump and the Vikes. A coach in his fourth year, who inherited talent deficiencies at several positions, went about the work of revamping the roster. Now, with a high profile QB, he has gone from 6, to 8, to 10, to 12 wins, and is now 60 minutes from the Super Bowl. Anyone here think that in November, Tim Brewster will enter the Iowa game 60 minutes from the Rose Bowl? Kthxbai.

Positive news: Alicia Rue was named Big Ten Field Event Athlete of the Week for the 10th time in her career. She does pole vault.

Finally, the Gophers' wrestling team remains fifth in the rankings.