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Daily Nugs 1.22.2010

Jeremy from Golden Gopher Football Blog reviews the past decade of Gopher football at this link.

Down With Goldy predicts a NIT bid for the Gophers without Al Nolen:

As much as I bag on Nolen this is a huge blow to the Gophers. There's no doubting his defense (and the offense it creates off steals and turnovers), which I think is the best of any perimeter player in the conference, and his ability to get in the lane is a valued asset on this team (leaving aside how he seems to have no idea what to do with the ball when he gets there half the time). There are no other penetrators on this team. Westbrook is pretty much the only other guy who can get by his defender off the dribble (I'm not ready to credit Devoe with that just yet) and you know he's not exactly looking to distribute the basketball - he's a pure scorer.

From the Barn has a different take on the same issue:

As we wait for the the story to evolve and come together (which, based on the Royce White situation, could be later rather than sooner) I want to focus on what the team will look like on Saturday and possibly for the rest of the season. The Nolen vacuum will likely be filled with some combination of Justin Cobbs and Devoe Joseph, two guys have performed below expectations through much of the year. While, Joseph showed life in the Indiana loss, Cobbs has looked too much like an inexperienced freshman for much of the season. It's easy to be less than thrilled with the current situation.

But wait! The NCAA is reviewing Nolen's suspension according to the Star Tribune:

University of Minnesota officials recently submitted to the NCAA a "progress-toward-degree waiver" on Al Nolen's behalf, and the NCAA is still gathering information, according to Erik Christianson, the NCAA's director of public relations.

Former Gopher Bock Lesnar is feeling better and training for another fight. Check out the story at this link.