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Golden Nugz - 1.25.09

It is getting frustrating to watch the Gophers unable to score and slip further and further, not only in the conference standings, but also into a pit of irrelevance. And I'm not talking about basketball! If Gopher basketball fans were starting to feel their season is slipping away, how do Gopher hockey fans feel?

After playing a respectable 7-2-1 over their last ten games, St. Cloud State swept the home-and-home series this weekend. Gopher hockey is barely relevant in the WCHA, nevermind the NCAA. Currently sitting in seventh place, just one point ahead of Alaska-Anchorage, Gopher hockey is really struggling right now.

Donnie Puck gives us the cold, hard facts. This one sticks out...

The team is much closer to ninth place (+5 points) than fifth (-7 points), which would qualify them for home ice advantage in the WCHA's first round playoffs

WCHA blog recaps the weekend. Minnesota tops the list of what wasn't so good.