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Gophers head to Ohio State - OPEN THREAD

We are looking a tough game in Columbus. This preview will be quick but we all know the implications this would have on our NCAA Resume if we were to win. Like I said, this will be quick but I'll give you few quick keys to a win.

  1. Evan Turner - keep this kid in check. There is starting to be some talk that he'll be pushing John Wall of Kentucky for the #1 overall draft pick in next summer's NBA Draft. Turner is averaging 18.4 ppg, 9.9 rpg and 5.5 apg! Those numbers are incredible and if he scores 18 with 10 rebounds I think we can withstand that. What we cannot allow is Turner to dominate and take over the game. For instance, he had 19 pts, 8 reb and 7 ast in the loss at the Barn. His next game Turner dominated Purdue with 32 pts and 9 reb in a win on the road. That kind of domination cannot be allowed or this will certainly be a loss.
  2. Blake Hoffarber - get this kid some open looks. Does anybody remember how cold and "off" Hoffarber was a year ago? He is absolutely on fire this year and when he gets into a groove our entire offense is better. We all know he can't create on his own but we need to run some sets for him and get him some open looks that he'll knock down. In the home Ohio State win Hoffarber was 7/9 from behind the arc with 27 points.
  3. Continued quality performances from the sophomores. Devoe Joseph and Ralph Sampson III have played better in the last few games. We'll need them both to play well today. Joseph needs to contribute with points and Sampson needs to be a presence in the paint, especially on defense. I really think Sampson is a huge key today. If he can block 3 or 4 shots and hit double digit rebounds that will make a huge difference.
  4. Jon Diebler - Probably the second best shooter in the conference, don't let Diebler get hot and knock down four or five big threes. I could be overreacting to Diebler, but he scares me.

Should be a fun game. A close loss does very little to harm our resume and a win would be incredibly huge. Time for the Gophers to get a big resume-building win!