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Golden Nugz 1.04.10 - it's a new year

I realize that nobody has commented here on the Insight Bowl loss. Part of that is due to holiday schedules and it is partly due to we are not quite sure what to say. in my humble opinion, it was an uninspiring performance that really left us with very little optimism for 2010. Fifteen practices to come up with an adequate gameplan, three weeks to improve timing & execution and a final opportunity to win a game after the month of October. But it was a miserable experience for Gopher fans to endure.

Here is the bright side of the Insight loss. If there was ever any doubt a before, it is pretty clear that this coaching staff will have to win next season or there will have to be a change. So either we have a successful season that we can all enjoy next year. Or we make a change and the incoming coach will actually have a fairly talented roster to work with and hopefully he'll be able to make something of them. I'm sure there will be more post mordem in the coming days but that was my tiny rant for now.

At least we have basketball. The Big Ten season has been turning out exactly how we would have scripted it.

  • Myron wasn't quite willing to call our Iowa game 40 minutes of hell but he did grant us 35 minutes.
  • Iowa State continued their dominance over Minnesota. #2 Iowa State edged #6 Minnesota a big dual meet wrestling match.
  • Gopher Hockey may be getting a much needed offensive shot in the arm. Transfer Jacob Sepis is finally eligible and he happened to get his first game against his previous team. 6 shots but no goal.
  • Marcus Fuller released his All-Decade Gopher football and basketball teams. My basketball team will publish later this morning and it will be rather different. My football team will actually be a compilation of a few local media/bloggers/etc who were kind enough to contribute. Fuller did send me his ballot so his posting was probably all because of me. :)
  • Tuesday night is the big road game at Purdue. Be sure to check out Hammer and Rails to get started on your pregame prep.