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Golden Nugz - 10.11.10

So there are articles upon articles talking about Bielema's decision to go for 2 when up 25 points. His excuse?

The coaching card told him it was the right decision. Maybe his coaching card did tell him that, but did it also mention that it is a four possessions game regardless? Being up 27, with just over six minutes would have required the Gopher offense to score three touchdowns, convert all three two-point conversions and then kick a field goal. I'm sure he was worried that the Gopher offense and defense were capable of such a thing.

The point is that this was just a dick move. I realize that Badger fans like having Bielema. He's been a winner. He recruits well, he coaches them up well and he wins games. I would trade Tim Brewster for Brett any day of the week. Having a coach who wins more often than not and who has owned the Axe for every year he's been the head coach is most desirable. But doing for 2 when up 25 is a dick move. Running your offense is one thing, a defense should have some pride in stopping you. But going for 2 is piling on and trying to embarrass your opponent.

  • This guy defends Bielema's decision by saying it is setting a tone of going for the kill which the Badgers are going to need in the coming weeks. "Maybe that two-point conversion mentality will carry over to next week's game and the Badgers can rekindle the dream that was once Pasadena." Um, maybe. Or maybe Bielema was just being a dick.
  • This guy was short and got to his point quickly. "Stop whining. The Badgers ran up the score on your Gophers because your team wasn't able to do anything about it. Win a few games and maybe you'll get a little more respect." Wrong (well winning would certainly help Brewster's and the program's image). Running the ball for yards and touchdowns when the defense can't tackle you is one thing. But going for two is running up the score and uncalled for.
  • Rachel Blount was at the game on Saturday and she is pretty harsh on Brewster.
    Brewster's anger was directed at Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema, who called for a two-point conversion after the Badgers' sixth touchdown and offered the lame excuse of following the "coaching card.'' The fans' anger continues to be directed squarely at Brewster, who presided over another afternoon of inept execution by athletes who simply could not match up to their opponents.
    Hard to argue.
  • On the bright side, Da'Jon McKnight had a really nice game on Saturday catching two touchdown passes. The first was arguably the offensive highlight of the year.
  • This Orlando Sentinel piece doesn't say much of anything but I think it's cool they used my video from the press conference.
  • Gopher hockey is off to a good start after beating UMass 5-4 and 5-3 this weekend. Jay Barriball notched a hat-trick in the second game.
  • The Columbia Tribune has the Gopher basketball team outside of his top 25.
  • Gopher Volleyball fell to #24 Northwestern in four sets. We won the first and lost the next three.

Just for the fun of it here is Brewster's post game comments on Bielema's two-point decision (again).