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Blog Poll Week 7 - draft

Blog Poll! Last week I was the only BlogPoller to have OSU #1. That doesn't mean much, I just like to be different from the pack. Well, this week they'll all be joining me.

Other then dropping teams that lost and giving bumps to teams with big wins (South Carolina and Stanford for example) my ballot didn't change much. I may have dropped Alabama too far but I'll let you convince me why they belong ahead of Oklahoma, Nebraska or TCU.

I'm sure my ranking of Boise ahead of Oregon will generate some comments but I'm sticking to it. Oregon has looked great but Boise has done nothing to deserve dropping. Remember that Boise St took care of Oregon a year ago and then returned their entire roster. I know that was a LONG time ago but I have no reason to doubt that Boise wouldn't take care of the Ducks again if they played. I assure you that is not my sole reason for ranking Boise ahead of Oregon because I completely understand that was a long time ago. But Oregon destroying Portland St and New Mexico is also not reason enough to move them ahead of Boise who beat two ranked teams and then has equally destroyed their inferior opponents.