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Afternoon Nugz 10.12.10

There are a few good links hanging around the interwebz this afternoon that I thought y'all might enjoy.

First of all Jack McCallum of SI sums up exactly how I feel about the whole "Gopher Two" controversy.

Here's what I say: Bravo, Tim Brewster.

Granted, the man did not speak from a position of strength. His team is 1-5. It was never in Saturday's game against a good but not great Wisconsin team. The Gophers have lost their last seven to the Badgers in a border rivalry that awards Paul Bunyan's axe to the victor. And speaking of the ax, Brewster's head is perched a millimeter from the chopping block.

So if you say that the coach spoke partly out of frustration, I would agree with you.

That doesn't mean he was wrong.

I'm not defending Brewster, his actions post game or his tenure as the head coach of my Golden Gophers. But that was just wrong for Brett Bielema to gopher two in that situation. And if you have the balls to gopher two in that situation then be a man and admit that you were running up the score. Don't hide behind the coach's card lameness.