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Daily Nugz - 10.13.10

Hello Friends! It's Nugz time again.

*Hillary over at SB Nation Chicago had this to say about this weekend's tilt with the Boilermakers.'s kind of like watching a fight between a blind man and a guy with one leg. Someone's going to win, but you're not going to feel good at the end.

*Here's some game notes from Purdue Sports.

*John Hageman at the MN Daily says Brewster and the boys are running out of chances to redeem themselves.

*The Goph's offensive line has been pretty good, but a big test is coming against the Boilers who lead the Big Ten in sacks.

*Additionally, Phil Miller discusses Boiler D-lineman Ryan Kerrigan.

*Sporting News says (GASP!!!!) Tim Brewster is on the hot seat, but, um... Ouch:

A sure sign a coach is in trouble: After getting humiliated in a rivalry game, he deflects his team's poor play onto the opposing coach, accusing him of running up the score. Did Wisconsin's Bret Bielema run up the score last week? Of course he did. It's a rivalry, Tim. Get better or get over it. Or get done.

*They "Ask(ed) The Sportswriters" a couple of questions about Gopher football.

*And lastly, here's a chimpanzee riding on a Segway.