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Gameday Nugz - 10.16.10 - Minnesota at Purdue

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How about a few Nugz to tide you over this morning till the Gophers and Boilermakers kick off at 11:00

  • Phil Miller breaks down the ultimatum that is hanging over Brewster's head. He points out the irony that Purdue is where Brewster got his start coaching and it may very well be where it ends (for now). This morning's game is either going to be a Gopher road win or Monday is going to be VERY INTERESTING.
  • The Indianapolis Star has a feature on MarQueise Gray and his transition to receiver this season. As I'm sure you know, Gray is from Indianapolis. "The thing about MarQueis is, he's an athlete," (Mike) Kirschner (Gray's high school coach) said. "They recruited him as a quarterback, but he's very athletic, very knowledgeable, understands the game. He'll adjust to whatever is needed. He loves to play, so it's not like them moving him was a negative. He's happy to do whatever is asked."
  • Big Ten Network previews the Purdue Game.
  • The Big Ten game of the week will have Brett "Gopher Two" Bielema attempting to beat #1 Ohio State for the first time in his career.

How about some Gopher Hoops links. Basketball has started, YAY!

  • Andy Katz gives us a #23 ranking in his super early season top 25.
  • Myron fully covers media day yesterday with video and quotes. Highlights? Myron says that only Osenieks and Halvorsen are going to be redshirting. Eliason is still being considered for a redshirt. That means we'll see Ahanmisi, Armelin, Walker and Hollins on the floor this year.
  • This guy predicts a 5-seed for the Gophers in this year's NCAA Tournament. That would be nice.

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