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The Tim Brewster Era in 12 Pictures

The Brewster era only lasted three-and-a-half seasons, but was filled with memorable moments. Mostly lowlights for Gopher fans, and highlights for opposing fans.

First, let me say that I applaud Tim Brewster for his efforts. I have little doubt that he worked hard at the job every day, remained passionate about the program, cared about his players, and wanted to win. In the end, a lack of head coach or coordinator level experience may have been the primary cause of his downfall.

That being said, let's take a lighthearted journey through the Brewster era:


1. The Rose Bowl Turf - The Brewster era began with his promise of a Big Ten Championship and a trip to the Rose Bowl for the newly coined "Gopher Nation." A piece of turf from the Rose Bowl was placed in the locker room as a reminder of bigger things to come.


2. Forgetting the Footballs - Forgetting the game balls for the trip to Florida Atlantic foreshadowed the start of a 10 game losing streak in 2007. Gung-ho Gopher fans may have stopped to wonder about a staff that forgets the footballs.


3. Losing to North Dakota State - The 2007 loss to North Dakota State was heralded as the most embarrassing loss in Gopher football history. Little did Gopher Nation know that there were two worse losses yet to come.


4. Losing to Northwestern on a last play interception-for-a-touchdown - After a 7-1 start in 2008, a last second interception that won the game for Northwestern was the impetus for a five game slide. The "Here-we-go-again" attitude had returned.


5. 55-0 - Not only did Minnesota lose the Metrodome finale, they got rolled by Iowa on a Saturday Night. Enough said. Until, that is, the score for the game was "accidentally" left off of the program for the 2009 season.

More after the jump:


6. - A site dedicated to communicating with recruits is a great idea. Putting your own mugshot all over the site is slightly politician-ish.


7. The Fake 1960 Championship Trophy - Yes, the Gophers won a Championship in 1960. Yes, there is a trophy for it in the trophy case. No, the trophy is not real.


8. The South Dakota loss - NDSU was the worst Gopher loss until the 55-0 route by Iowa. Somehow, that was arguably surpassed by a 2010 loss to South Dakota.


9. Paul Bunyan's Axe - 0-4 record versus Wisconsin


10. The Little Brown Jug - 0-2 in the rivalry match with Michigan.


11. Floyd of Rosedale - 0-3 in rivalry games versus Iowa.


12. Musical Coordinators - Eight Coordinators and "Co-Coordinators" within a three-and-a-half year span. The offense alone transitioned from Glen Mason's power running game, to Dunbar's spread offense, to Fisch's 300-page-playbook pro set offense, back to a power running game.

Did I forget any key Brewster moments? Are you sure?