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The Daily Nugz 10.22.10

Tomorrow we can all take a three hour break from coaching speculation to watch an actual football game. Well ok, we'll continue to talk coaching speculation in the comments, during commercials, and probably during the play.

The Strib's Phil Miller tells us that both Adam Weber and Troy Stoudermire have a chance to make history this Saturday. In his blog, Phil talks to Horton about what it's been like this week taking over the program. And, because he's not busy enough, Phil is also doing a live chat at noon today, where you can ask him about the game tomorrow who the next coach is going to be.

The PP sits down with U President Bruiniks to talk about the coaching search. With budgets tight, Bruiniks is going to push hard for stadium liquor sales in the good seats (i.e. seats I will never sit in).

The Philadelphia Inquirer looks at the task ahead for interim coach Jeff Horton. Penn Live ponders whether the PSU secondary can match up with our receivers? If Horton insists on running as much as he has all season, they shouldn't have any problem until the fourth quarter when the Gophers are down and have to start throwing. Black Shoe Diaries has more good links in their Nitt Links.

The Strib previews the rivalry series this weekend between the Gophers and St Cloud State. Roman Augustoviz has plenty of good info in his Goal Gophers blog, including predictions for the weekend, quotes from coach Don Lucia, and an update on his son Mario, who is probably the top prospect in Minnesota right now.

A key contributor for Gopher volleyball is battling through injuries to stay on the court.

More and more former Gopher wrestlers are following Brock Lesnar's lead into MMA.

Forgot to mention this in the original post, but college football will NOT have a new #1 team for the first time in three weeks, as top ranked Oregon beat the bejeezus out of UCLA last night. You know, the same UCLA team that beat Texas...who beat previously unbeaten Nebraska. The Pac 10 is the least respected conference in all of college football, and whether people like it or not (I have a feeling most won't) Oregon will be playing for a national title, and I believe, winning it. The Ducks are that good. I think they play either Boise State, undefeated Auburn or a one-loss Alabama.