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Nugz - 10.28.10

Two more days until game two of the Jeff Horton era at Minnesota!!! Wait, what's that you say? Ohio State is coming to town? Poppy-cock, I say! They ain't never seen nothing like The Bank... SKI-U-MAAAAAAAH MY FRIENDS!

Darrell Bevell could be the next Gopher coach? I'm saying highly doubtful, but interesting nonetheless.

Here's a quick article about the Gopher football team spending time with some kids who deserve a break.

I don't even know what to say about this.

The Ohio State folks are confident.

A little talk about the difference between a squad lead by Brew and a squad lead by Horton.

Another endorsement for Mike Leach as the next head coach.

And lastly, we can all be happy that Gopher football hasn't reached this level of futility...