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The Daily Nugz 10.29.10

Happy Halloween! Whether you've got a costume on or not, consider this our gift of treats to you. And perhaps some tricks...

This story is a couple of days old, but I don't think we've discussed enough how much I LOVED what Thomas Hammock did play-calling wise last week. It was aggressive, and despite running the ball less than in past weeks, Eskridge still had 100 yards rushing. Why? Because the defense wasn't expecting a run on every freaking down, and actually had to guess at what we were doing. If Hammock, just 29 years old, continues to do this well the rest of the season, I really hope the new head coach keeps him on the staff in some capacity.

Can the Gophers can pass their way past Ohio State? The answer, obviously is no, but if they want to keep pace for as long as possible, then throwing the ball is going to be the way to do it. It's what this offense does best, and with all the injuries in the Buckeye secondary, there's some yards to be had. With Hammock calling plays I like our chances to at least make it entertaining. If we had a more accurate QB, I would like our chances even better.

Hey speaking of Mr. 10,000 Yards, I just assume everyone here is already reading FBT, but in case you're not, please check out his excellent take on this Charlie Walters story about how Adam Weber wants to help pick the new head coach. Just a bad, bad idea all the way around. Hasn't Weber done enough already?

The boys at the Buckeye Battle Cry have a good preview of the Gophers and Buckeyes, as does Along the Olentangy.

Plenty of goodness from Myron Medcalf for Gopher hoops fans, as he blogs from Big Ten media day. He's got all the preseason Big Ten squads, the POY, and preseason poll. He also has some notes from Tubby Smith's time at the mic, including the good news that Trevor Mbakwe is ready to roll, and has been playing well in practice.

Finally some bragging rights for the Gophers over Iowa (in volleyball).

Junior goalie Kent Patterson has been named the starter for the weekend roadtrip to Colorado College. Patterson was stellar in backstopping the Gophs to their first WCHA win against St Cloud St last Sunday, and for the moment, has replaced senior goalie Alex Kangas between the pipes. As the story suggests, don't expect this to be a permanent move- that is unless Patterson continues to stand on his head, and the Gophs play well in front of him.

In his Goal Gophers blog, Roman Augustoviz talks about all the freshmen playing this weekend against CC, and gives a few things to look for from the Tigers, including the Schwartz brothers (I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!).

Finally, I'm a hockey fan, and saw today on the very popular Puck Daddy blog that the new ads are out for the Boston Bruins, featuring the Bruin Bear. Bruin Bear is a gigantic bear who quietly, but forcefully (and comically), enforces the fan rules of hockey. The new ones are pretty good but nothing beats this "Rules of Dating" ad from last year. Enjoy ("but she's so pretty").