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A coaching search in 2010, I love technology

I love a good coaching search. The endless wish lists, speculation and semi-educated guessing that goes on all over the interwebs today. In reality I'd love to not have to go through this again for a very long time. Imagine what Penn State fans will be like when (if) Joe Paterno ever retires and a successor isn't in place before his departure is announced. They haven't been through a coaching search since 1965!

But what I'm really getting at is how vastly different a coaching search is for you and I, the fans, due to technology. Just think back to 1996, it wasn't all that long ago, and the search for Jim Wacker's replacement. There were no blogs, no message boards and certainly no twitter accounts. Most of us probably had limited (if any) acces to the internet. We weren't checking our cell phones for updates on Twitter. And we actually had to wait to find out information until the next day when it was printed in the paper. All information came from either of the two local newspapers or the local radio stations.

I can only speak for TDG and for us we are all just giving our own opinions and I'm trying to present some of the presumed candidates. The search will likely go on for several more weeks and the speculation from start to finish will be endless right up until a new coaching is hired. And then moves to speculating what the new era will mean for Gopher football.

So tell me, what do you most use for your information on the coaching search? Where do the more traditional media outlets stand on your list of "go-to" sources for information on the search for Tim Brewster's replacement?