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Ohio State dominates Minnesota, wake me when it's over

Your Golden Gophers made things interesting for about two series. The two teams exchanged touchdowns on their opening series and after that is was all Ohio State. Wide running lanes and wide open receivers is what we were treated to during primetime on Saturday night.

I'm not really sure what to say, we all saw this coming. Ohio State is top two in the Big Ten for points scored, points allowed, yards accumulated and yards allowed. We are not. Would it surprise anyone if i told you I wrote this before kickoff? For the record, I didn't. But I'm kind of at a loss over what to type.

We were terrible in every facet of the game. Defensively we put up little to no resistance. Offensively we were inept following the first drive. And Special Teams were awful. On the one hand Ohio State is really, really good. A loss was expected, it was expected to not be close, but this was embarrassing. Somebody please wake me when we have a new coach so we can start looking ahead to 2011.

Want some highlites of the night?

Gopher hockey won.

Gopher basketball picked up Austin Andre Hollins for their 2011 class.