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Golden Nugz - 11.01.10

The level of unrest in Gopher Nation came to a boiling point a few weeks ago just before Tim Brewster was fired. At that time Tim Brewster was public enemy number one. His position was taken care of and for a couple weeks Gopher fans were just pleased that a change was coming. Hope was renewed, though it will be several months before have even an inkling if the new staff will produce any different results than the previous several.

Well angst among Gopher fans has returned and the target of their ire is Adam Weber. It is hard to argue with the logic that this season is over and whatever we are doing just isn't working. Why not make a change at quarterback? But regardless of what the majority of the fan base desires it isn't going to be happening anytime soon.

But there's no ballot box here. Football is a dictatorship, and Horton's vote, e-mails be damned, is the only one that matters.

"Even though there might only be three other people that believe it with me," Horton said, "I still think the best way for us to be successful is to have Adam at quarterback and MarQueis at receiver."

"I don't want to do it just to do it."

A year ago I completely disagreed with the notion that the season was over and we should give Gray snaps to prepare him for 2010. This year I can buy that argument that this season is over (because it really is this time) and why not give Gray some time. But more than anything I am just numb to this season and I really don't care who is at quarterback. Horton gives several reasons in Phil Miller's Sunday piece as to why Weber will remain under center. They are all logical but I'm sure there are many fans here and elsewhere who will disagree with tremendous passion. Personally I've given up caring on the 2010 season and I don't think giving Gray snaps over the next couple games does a whole lot for 2011 considering we have no idea what kind of an offense we'll have or even what position he'll be playing.

  • As I mentioned yesterday Tubby Smith picked up a nice commitment for 2011. Andre Hollins is a guard out of Tennessee who will possibly fill the shoes of Al Nolen at PG next season. Hollins spent much of his junior season as a shooting guard but that was largely because the starting point was a McDonald's All-American. Hollins will get a lot more minutes at the point this year as his Memphis White Station club defends their Tennessee state title.
  • This is a couple days old but Marcus's piece on Tubby's role of sorting out roles this year is a good read.
  • It's never too early to take a look at the NCAA Tournament. This isn't a prediction post, but it is a full of valuable information about first round sites and dates and stuff. Remember it is a 68-team tournament this year (is that enough teams for Northwestern to ever get in?).
  • Gopher Hockey is sitting at second in the WCHA. The season is very early but we need something positive. Be sure to check out SBN's WCHA blog to keep an eye on the Gophers and where they sit in the league.