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Daily Nugs 10.5.2010

Northwestern's Lake the Posts reacts to their one point victory at this link. One commenter notes:

I'm pleased, but I'm shocked. I was sure we still wouldn't be after that performance. I'm not sure myself that we deserve to be ranked based on who and how we beat. But I guess 5-0 is persuasive. I say we just beat Purdue convincingly so we can really deserve attention.

The Daily Northwestern also reacts to the slim victory and the 5-0 start:

"There's a lot of confidence going into close games," Fitzgerald said. "We've been in so many of them now over these past few years ... With our new marketing campaign, I figured why not have it be entertaining and find a way to get people to come to Ryan Field."

One of our own authors writes an article about the Gophers' troubles over at Off Tackle Empire:

I still believe that this is a talented group of players who are plagued by rookie mistakes, but let's be honest. At the end of the day, isn't that also a coaching issue?

Iowa's BHGP has a thread started about Tim Brester's statement that this team could be at 5-0 at this link. Frat House Sports has a similar thread at this link. Here's a few reactions from BHGP:

Yours truly at CBS, explaining the similarity between Minneapolis and the tiny island nation of Vanuatu.

From a Minnesota fan:


Can you guys do us a favor and win 56-0 this year?

As an aside, what will you guys do when the Gophs hire a normal coach in a couple months (it's a stretch, I realize this).