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The Daily Nugz 10.6.10

Plenty of Gopher links this morning, and perhaps one or two other things of sports interest happening in Minnesota.

According to the Strib's Phil Miller, Ryan Collado doesn't know if he'll be playing corner or safety on Saturday- and he doesn't care. Just as long as he plays. Wherever he plays, he does NOT want to end up on Sportscenter again. At least not like this.

Marcus Fuller talks to Adam Weber, and Weber has had enough of losing to Wisconsin. As we'll detail in a post later today, the Gophs have played the Badgers tough in the past three meetings, and Weber has had the ball in his hands with a chance to win every time. Still looking for that first win against Wisconsin though.

Junior guard Kiara Buford is jumping into the leadership void on the Gopher women's hoops team.

Craziest non-X Games athletes? Rugby players. That sport is for crazy people. And the shorts are too short. I don't understand it, but you have to be crazy, and it's fun to watch. I highly recommend getting out to TCF Bank Saturday at 5pm to watch Gophers rugby vs Nebraska. It's a great fundraiser for their club, and a chance to check out a great sport.

Not sure if you've heard, but apparently there's a couple of other things going on in Minnesota sports. And I'm not just talking about the Wild winning their first preseason game- against a Finnish team (still oh-fer against real NHL teams. It's going to be a Loooooooooonnnnnnngggg winter for the Wild). Anyway, something about a baseball game tonight? And if you're a fan of that other football team in town, you're probably pretty excited about this.