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Daily Nugz - 10.07.10

Welcome to Thursday of Rivalry Week! Two days until the Golden Gophers invade Camp Randall in this year's quest to bring Paul Bunyan's Axe home! The excitement of Rivalry Week couldn't come at a better time here in Gold Country.

*Give 'Em Hell Goldy is running random dead badger pictures this week.

*Myles Spicer is pissed.

*North by Northwestern gave Pat Fitzgerald and his coaching group a D against the Gophers. That's scary considering they won AND they probably coached a better game then... well, you've seen this movie before.

*Matt LaCosse is still committed to the Gophers.

*Bullet-points about why Sid was wrong.

*The MN Daily breaks down this week's Border Battle.

*And lastly, if you are heading to Madison this weekend, you'll probably see a lot of this, but you are NOT required to be okay with it. WARNING: If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to watch this.