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The Daily Nugz 10.08.10

Did you get your tickets? No not just for the Gophers/Badgers game- for Gary Tinsley's gun show!! Yes the Gopher middle linebacker is bigger and stronger than last year, and cue Olivia Newton-John, because he's ready to get physical with Wisconsin.

As usual, the PP's Marcus Fuller has some good notes in his blog from yesterday. First are injury updates: freshman tailback Donnell Kirland Kirkwood will be sidelined a second straight week with a hamstring and calf injury, and Brewster is 90% certain Mike Rallis won't play tomorrow, which is obviously not good news for us. Fuller thinks former Eden Prairie star Ryan Grant should replace him, and I do believe our own GN agrees with him. Some good news is Fuller says the plantar fascitis that's been bothering MarQueis Gray looked to be less of an issue this week in practice. As he says, if Gray can't be the big play threat he was in recent weeks, the Gophs have no chance.

The Strib's Myron Metcalf details the Badgers' two headed monster at tailback.

Fringe Bowl Team has an excellent statistical breakdown of the big game tomorrow.

Gopher hockey begins tonight against UMass . Captain Jay Barribal is upset the coaches' ranked the Gophers only 5th in the preseason WCHA poll. Um Jay? When your team plays as poorly as it has the past two seasons, you're lucky to be ranked that high. The only reason you're not lower is because you're Minnesota, and people expect more. Do what you plan to do, and that's go out and prove people wrong and get back to winning the conference and going to the NCAA tournament.

The Gopher hockey TV schedule is finally out, and 31 of their 34 games will be broadcast in high def. Bigger news, at least to me, is that three of those games- and three of their biggest games against Michigan and Wisconsin- will be on the Big Ten Network. Yep, the BTN is dipping its toe in college hockey waters, with plans to dive in soon once Penn State's program is up and running in a couple of years and the Big Ten creates its own hockey league.

For all you hoop fanatics, the Gophers have an hopen basketball scrimmage set for October 15.

You know what else this kid hates? Spelling, apparently. But I agree with him- I hate all those things too. I'll even add one last one- losing the Axe to Bucky Badger. GO GOPHERS! BRING BACK THE AXE@!