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Gophers Fail in Madison to bring home the Axe

Minnesota_v_wisconsin_092_medium The assumed story heading into the game is the one that played out at Camp Randal on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The Badger ground game ran over the Golden Gophers today in Madison led by the dangerous duo of John Clay and James White.

After a Gopher drive that stalled in Badger territory to start the game. Wisconsin took the ball and marched 69 yards on eight plays for the early 0-7 lead. The duo of Clay and White averaged just over 6 yards per carry on the drive setting up a 3 yard touchdown pass from Scott Tolzien to freshman Jared Abbrederis. The pass was a simple three-yard slant against the Gopher nine-yard cushion for an easy touchdown.

The Gophers went three and out on their next possession giving the ball back to Wisconsin so they could do the same thing to our defense. White and Clay led a 9 play drive averaging just under 5 yards per carry on their way to an early 14-0 lead.

The second quarter saw a little life from the Gopherswas a different story. The Badgers only three drives managed just one first down and only seven yards rushing. On the other side the Gopher offense put together two scoring drives eating up 12:04 of clock. But that was basically it for the Gophers.

Wisconsin came out in the second half and dominated with the ground again running over the Gopher defense and using an efficient passing game en route to 27 second half points and 317 yards. For the game the Badgers rushed for 250 yards and five touchdowns. John Clay accounted for 111 yards and three scores to go with James White's 118 yards and two touchdowns. The Gophers inability to stop the run was the assumed story prior to kickoff and it played out exactly as expected.

I find it hard to get too worked up about this game. We didn't see anything that we didn't already know. This team isn't very good on defense and while we can sometimes move the ball on offense it isn't enough. The offense struggles to come up with big plays when it matters and the defense fails to stop opponents at all. In the end the Gophers failed to bring home the Axe and their miserable season continues.

But may not be what is most talked about. The Badger's final touchdown with 6:39 to play put them up by 25 points. Brett Beilema instructed his offense to stay on the field and go for two. His post game excuse was that the coaching card tells you to go for two when up by 25. Tim Brewster wasn't buying it and he wasn't pleased.

Here is Brewster talking about the Badger's decision to go for two.

After the jump are a few other comments from Brewster's post game press conference.