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Golden Nugz - 11.10.10

Hammer and Rails went back to an old blogger favorite...Power Rankings + comparison to something culturally relevant. His Big Ten preview also compares each Big Ten team to a character from Mad Men. Very good post and there are two great things to note about Minnesota. We are January Jones (YES!) and we are ranked higher than Wisconsin (double YES!).

Betty is a housewife with a lot of potential to be her own person if she would just stand up for herself. Could this be a preview of Minnesota? Colton Iverson and Ralph Sampson III Give them the size to compete with anyone. Their run through the Big Ten Tournament in March was a promising start, but they have to succeed somewhere other than at home in the Barn. Their marriage to Don (Michigan State) is not a happy one because the Spartans hold all the advantages over the Golden Gophers. Still, you get the feeling Betty could have a surprise in store for them when they come to Minneapolis.

Great post by Travis.