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Gopher Basketball opens the season vs. Wofford - OPEN THREAD

Basketball for real is finally here!

TV - none
Radio - WCCO
Watch Streaming on

(I found this link but have not verified that it works or that you won't get a virus)

The Gophers are set to face the Terriers of Wofford. And this game is a game that we absolutely should be taking seriously. This is one of the best mid-major teams in the country this season and they are absolutely capable of forcing the Gophers to start their season 0-1.

Pos Minnesota Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Wofford Pos
PG Al Nolen 6.7 5.9 Brad Loesing G
G Blake Hoffarber 10.0 6.6 Cameron Rundles G
F Rodney Williams 4.3 9.5 Jamar Diggs G
F Colton Iverson 5.0 6.1 Tim Johnson F
C Ralph Sampson III 8.2 16.6 Noah Dahlman F
Bench Trevor Mbakwe
-- 4.5 Terry Martin
Bench Austin Hollins
-- 3.5 Kevin Giltner Bench

This should be a very good game. Wofford is coming off their best season in school history and they are primed to have an even better season in 2010-11. The Gophers too believe they are better than a year ago and this is a great test to start the season.