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Golden Nugz - 11.15.10


FINALLY, a Monday following a Gopher victory. That was fun to watch an entire game where the Gophers were competitve and even found a way to pull out a win. We are 2-3 on the road this year and winless at home. But the best news of all is that we are not in last place in the Big Ten!

Phil Miller captures the euphoria that the team experienced on Saturday...

This wasn't a celebration, it was a demolition, a TNT keg ignited under a season's worth of calamity and disappointment.

"Everybody is so happy, so emotional," said running back DeLeon Eskridge, who provided the catalyst Saturday with three touchdowns, the last one coming with only 16 seconds remaining to cap Minnesota's fourth-quarter rally and deliver a startling 38-34 victory over Illinois. "It's good to see the coaches crying."

Good for those guys to finally get that monkey off their backs. Think they can carry this over for two weeks and play with some from freedom in the Iowa game? Think they can pull off what would be the best win in several seasons?

  • Jim Souhan informs us of hat day and in his own way congratulates the Gophers on their victory. It isn't quite the program changing victory that it was back in 2008 but is one of the most satisfying wins in a very long time.
  • Phil's blog entry gives us insight into the comedic mind of Jeff Horton.
  • Jeff Horton audio of his post-game press conference.
  • Marcus tells us about Tim Brewster contacting his former players.
  • Brady Hoke lost to TCU but it was really close. This is making him catapult up the list of coaching candidates in the eyes of many Gopher fans. I don't want to be a downer here but we absolutely better not make a hire based on one game that was actually a loss. Hoke still is yet to beat a ranked team, win a game he shouldn't have won and of his seven wins this season only one has come against a team with a winning record. Are we going to hire based on moral victories (Brady Hoke doesn't like moral victories)? Hoke may be the guy but lets not get carried away because of a close loss.
  • Kevin Sumlin lost. Calhoun won. Al Golden lost. Mike Leach didn't play. Al Golden also did not play (for different reasons).
  • Gopher Soccer is in the NCAA Sweet 16! They play Georgetown next weekend.
  • Gopher basketball gets ready for Siena tonight. Siena is also getting ready for the Gophers. Siena assistant coach had this to say about the Gophers..."They try to get out and make you turn the ball over …. They run some really good offensive sets … They have a lot of talent." I agree with #1 and #3, but we run some really good offensive sets? The head coach over there should really make sure his assistants are actually watching film of upcoming opponents.