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Daily Nugs 11.2.2010 With a Poll

After a half hour of searching, I only found a few links worth mentioning. I'll add a poll at the end of today's Nugs that will hopefully prove a point regarding current fan sentiment.

First, Nadine Babu wrote a piece for the Star Tribune that sums up fan sentiment rather completely. It can be read by clicking here:

I know a number of people that dropped their season tickets last year for this very reason, and many more plan to drop their tickets this year into a brand new stadium. The excitement of a new venue comes once in a lifetime, and that buzz has already died down and the University of Minnesota Athletic Department has been unable to capitalized on it.

Last week, a rumor was floating around that Tim Brewster broke the glass on a trophy case on his way out the door after being let go. According to this article, the rumor is false and he didn't break the glass of an empty trophy case.

Could this article have legs?'s message boards and an Alabama reporter are both convinced that Phil Fulmer is the next Gopher coach. I'd prefer going after Brian Kelly (if he gets axed by the Golden Domers after one year), Mike Leach, or Kevin Sumlin (only with an defensive coordinator).

Now for the poll: