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TDG Pictures from Iowa Game

I was finally able to enjoy a rivalry win. It was a cold night (the coldest in TCF Bank Stadium history) but here is what I was able to get from the Iowa game. What a fun night! I'll start with the


Many more pics after the jump.

Senior Day at TCF Bank Stadium below is Ryan Collado with Coach Horton and Adam Weber running on to the field for the last time.


Iowa Hawkeyes Take the Field

Iowa_11-27-10_035_medium Iowa_11-27-10_174_medium

Pregame Stuff


Charissa Thompson, my favorite Big Ten Network sideline reporter.


A couple of our finest wideouts, Da'Jon McKnight and Adam Weber.

Iowa_11-27-10_066_medium Iowa_11-27-10_064_medium

The line of scrimmage and MarQueise Gray's touchdown!

Iowa_11-27-10_058_medium Iowa_11-27-10_112_medium

I'm not sure which guy I feel more sorry for.


Adrian Clayborn.


Iowa's first play from scrimmage.


Iowa Offense and a couple guys lounging in the snow.


MarQueise Gray's only pass attempt and Derrell Johnson-Koulianos on a kick-off return.


Grabbing Floyd of Rosedale.

Iowa_11-27-10_209_medium Iowa_11-27-10_220_medium

Anthony Jacobs headed into the stands to celebrate with family. And the team singing Minnesota Hail to Thee.

Iowa_11-27-10_223_medium Iowa_11-27-10_230_medium

And ice sculpture of Floyd of Rosedale.