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Golden Nugz - 11.8.10

Ugh that Gopher football team. I want just one competitive game this season. There are only a couple left so I'm not holding my breath but a great game against Iowa would be fun wouldn't it?


  • Marcus talks about Gray and Weber's relationship and Horton says how Weber has been handling this situation.
    "Adam Weber handles everything just like I've said 10 million times," he said. "He handles everything better than anybody in this room, and probably better than anybody on this team. Adam Weber is the ultimate Gopher. You don't ever have to worry about Adam Weber."
    Say what you want about Weber's play on the field but he is one of the best leaders off the field this program has seen and he is a class act. This is probably part of the reason I have always been such an ardent supporter of his.
  • Phil Miller informs us that Kirksey will be back this week.