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TDG Pictures from Penn State Game

I know this is really late but I've finally gotten around to posting some more pics from home games this past season. Penn State is up. I was unable to stay throughout the game but I was there long enough to get some pics. Very likely this was the last time we get to see Joe Paterno on the sidelines in Minnesota (PSU is not on the schedule in 2011 or 2012).


Many more pics after the jump

More Joe Pa

Penn_state_10-25-10_025_medium Penn_state_10-25-10_013_medium


Penn_state_10-25-10_056_medium Penn_state_10-25-10_090_medium

TCF Bank Stadium


For you traditionalists...they have no names on their jerseys and really plain helmets.

Penn_state_10-25-10_034_medium Penn_state_10-25-10_055_medium

Robert Bolden. Bryant Allen.

Penn_state_10-25-10_008_medium Penn_state_10-25-10_048_medium

Touchdown Gophers!

Penn_state_10-25-10_071_medium Penn_state_10-25-10_069_medium

Duane Bennett and some Gopher Cheerleaders.

Penn_state_10-25-10_104_medium Penn_state_10-25-10_097_medium

Ralph Bolden and a kick returner who wore four socks. It looks like three but he told a guy in the stands that it really was four.

Penn_state_10-25-10_028_medium Penn_state_10-25-10_077_medium