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Pick Your Favorite Headline for Last Saturday

If there was one game on the 2010 schedule that most Gopher fans would have chosen to win, it was Saturday's Iowa game. TDG's own GopherNation wrote a great recap of the game and provided some amazing pictures from the field. Looking back, there are many stories that could be written about that game.

From Jeff Horton, to the return of Floyd of Rosedale, to Troy Stoudermire's emergence as a defensive backfield leader, to MarQueis Gray as a difference maker for a Minnesota victory (his touchdown and critical fourth down run sealed Iowa's fate), the stories are as plentiful as a Thanksgiving cornucopia.

Our rival Iowa blog had previewed the game with a few (sarcastic) reasons that Minnesota might win the game. Yes, they're still going to a bowl game. And yes, they've been able to maintain a consistently upper-tier Big Ten team. Yes, 55-0 did happen. Still, I have to fan the flames of the rivalry.

Instead of writing about one angle of the Iowa game, or trying to summarize several stories in a single article, I've decided to try something new. Of all the potential stories that I think are potential headliners from the game, I'll give you some of the ones that I would have chosen. A poll can then decide what you, the fans, thought was the best story of the game.

So, pick your favorite headline for last Saturday. If you choose "Other," please provide your idea in the comment section: